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Kiersten Regele

Kiersten’s Story

As a daughter of a caregiver, I watched my mom struggle taking care of my dad. It was a labor of love, but that didn’t make keeping track of everything from medications to appointments any easier, and the isolation any less of a burden. So I decided to make an app to help her.

Then, 10 days before we were supposed to launch the app, she had a stroke. My whole life was thrown into chaos and I became our first power-user. I learned the hard way, as most of us do, how insanely difficult and stressful this is, and I have no idea what I would have done without the app to help me stay on top of to-dos, appointments, and medications. And it would have been so much more difficult to keep my family all over the country in the loop.

My mom is stable now, and we’re on our path to finding our new normal. But that doesn’t change that this, and caregiving, is a part of my life now. I’ll never stop working for caregivers to be recognized and have the best tools available to them because I’ll never stop being one myself.

At Care Birds, we’ll always care for you, the caregiver.

kiersten regele
Founder of Care Birds

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